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Most Amazing and interesting Facts About India

Interesting facts about India: India the seventh largest country in the world is surely one of the strongest and influential countries in the world. With its long and powerful history, spanning over 4500 years this country is full of surprises and amazing facts.

That’s why I decided to make a list of some of the most amazing and interesting facts about India that I bet you didn’t know. Do you think you know these facts? Let’s see.

1. Shampoo was invented in India During 16th century!

interesting facts about india

The first interesting fact about India is about Shampoo.It was invented in the 16th century in India and the word “shampoo” is derived from the Sanskrit world shampoo which means massage or shampooing.

In the 16th century, shampoos were made by using natural ingredients and herbs. Later when colonial visitors came to India they brought the practice of shampooing and hair washing back with them to Europe.

2. First miner of diamond!

interesting facts about india
First miner of diamond, interesting facts about india

The fact number two is related to diamonds. Did you know that the first miner of diamond is non-other than India?

India was the greatest producer and the miner of diamonds until the 18th century when Diamond mines were found in Brazil. India still has three active diamond mines 2 in Madhya Pradesh and one in Andhra Pradesh.

3. The wettest inhabited place in the world!

interesting facts about india

Mawsynram of Meghalaya is the wettest inhabited place in the world. This town in Meghalaya India receives the highest recorded rainfall in the world

4. Bandra Worli Sealink steel wires are equivalent to the world’s boundary!!

interesting facts about india

Bandra Worli sealink, also known as Rajiv Gandhi sealink is located at South Mumbai. It has steel wires equal to the earth’s circumference and it weighs as much as 50,000 African elephants.

5. Science day in Switzerland is dedicated to Missile Man, APJ Abdul Kalam!

interesting facts about india

Did you know? Science day in Switzerland is dedicated to India’s Missile Man Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. It all started back in May 2006 when Abdul Kalam visited Switzerland for the first time.

6. India has a spa just for elephants!

interesting facts about india

The 6th interesting fact about india is related to the mighty animal Elephant.

In Indian culture, Elephants have a significant role and they are treated as God.

So you shouldn’t be surprised if I tell you that Kerala has a special spa centre for elephants which provide elephants with bath massage and soothing pamper sessions.

7. The largest number of vegetarians in the world!

interesting facts about india

India is the country with the largest number of vegetarian people. Almost 40% of the Indian population is vegetarian. It can be because of religious and spiritual reasons.

Another interesting thing related to this fact is, because of such a huge vegetarian population KFC and Mcdonals had to introduce vegetarian menu especially for India.

8. The world’s 2nd largest producer of milk.

interesting facts about india

India is the 2nd  largest producer of milk, just second to the USA with over 60.6 billion kilograms of milk per year.

9. The first country to consume sugar!

interesting facts about india

Now, this interesting fact about India may surprise but did you know? Sugar was first produced in India in the first century.

The word sugar is derived from Sanskrit and its Sanskrit name is “Guda” means to make a ball or to conglomerate.

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10. A special polling surveying station is set up for a solitary voter amidst Gir Forest

interesting facts about india

Now, this interesting fact might amaze you but did you know, in the middle of the Gir forest, a special polling station is set up for a lone voter, his name is “Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas”.

The reason for it lies in the rule made by Election commission, stating that no citizen should travel more than 2 hours to reach the booth”.

11. Snakes and Ladders originated in India!

interesting facts about india

Snake and ladders game was originated in India, almost 5 thousand years ago. In ancient India, it was known as “Moksha patam”, but later was taken to Europe by Britishers. Indeed interesting facts about India,

12. Largest religious gathering in India can be seen from Space!

interesting facts about india

Now you should not be surprised by this fact. Why I’m saying this cause this mega event is attended by more than 75 million people, which is surely a staggering number.

Those who don’t know about Kumbh Mela, it is a Hindu pilgrimage which takes place every 12 years at the bank of Ganga and involves major ritualistic bathing devotional singing and discussion.

13. Ancient Indian civilization is the oldest in the world

interesting facts about india

Many people think that Greece and ancient Egyptian are the oldest civilization of the world, but the only a few people know that actually, it is the Indian civilization which is the oldest in the world.

Its oldest civilisation can be traced back to 2400 B.C., when it was split into 16 monarchies knows as Mahajana Padas. Also, some of the oldest Hindu texts are deemed to be written between 2000 BC and 500 BC on scientific medicine and astronomy.

14. India is home to every major world religion and doesn’t have a national language!

interesting facts about india

Unity in diversity, this slogan is rightly applicable in the case of India. This mega country is home to every major world religion, with the most dominant being Hinduism and Islam, which covers almost 80% and 14% of the population respectively.

Also, even though more than 1652 dialects are spoken in this country, but still doesn’t have any national language. The number of dialects spoken here just tells how amazing this country is.

15. The Indian Government had to use scaffolding to hide Taj Mahal

interesting facts about india

The interesting fact no. 15 is related to one of the seven wonders of the world “ Taj Mahal”. Many of you might get amazed by this interesting about India, but did you know?

The Indian government has to use the scaffold to hide the Taj Mahal in 1942, during world war second.

Actually, this step was taken because of the fear of air strikes by the Japanese air forces. Who would not do that to preserve the symbol of love?

16. Spend a night at royal residence for eighty-eight thousand dollars a night.

interesting facts about india
Interesting fact about India, Luxury Hotel

What comes to your mind when you think of luxury, perhaps Dubai and Paris, but Did you know India is home to some of the most stunning palaces in the world?

These ultra luxurious palaces are spread all over the country, with some of them dating back hundreds of years. For instance the Kumarakom Lake Resort, which hosted Charle’s 65th birthday and Samode Palace which has hosted renowned faces from all over the world.

This fact about India wasn’t only interesting, but luxurious as well.

17. King Jaya Singh of Alwar nabbed Rolls-Royce in the best possible way!

interesting facts about india

This interesting fact about India is related to the pride of the Indian Kings and most prestigious car in the world “ Rolls Royce”.

The story goes like this, once the king Jaya Singh Of Alwar visited the Rolls Royce showroom in London but was badly insulted by the salesman.

The prideful king decided to take revenge, and he did so by ordering the whole fleet of Rolls Royce. He didn’t drive them by himself but gave it to the municipal vehicles to transport city’s rubbish.

The above incident just tells you how amazing and interesting India have been.

18. Almost half Million Indians are millionaires!

Even though 35% of India lives under below poverty line but Did you know more almost half million Indians are millionaires. Richest person in India is Mukesh Ambani who has a net worth of 53 Billion Dollars.

Some other interesting facts about India

1. First plastic surgery was performed in India

2. USB was developed by an Indian origin architect

3. India is the biggest importer of spices.

4. Trigonometry and calculas was invented in India.


So here was my pick of some of the most interesting facts about India. Which fact did you find the most interesting?

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