How Much Does it cost to Rent a Bone Density Machine (BMD) In India?

For the incorporates a vital impact on the diagnosing of pathology and also the management of osteoporosis care the best thing you can avail is BMD Machine Rent service from many service providers.

Now, what is BMD???

bmd machine

The simplest ways in which to see if your body is losing bone mass is with a bone mineral density take a look at. If you found your bone density is low, you and your doctor will work along on a treatment decide to facilitate stop fractures before they occur.

So, for that one thing can work, for the measurement of your BMD. You can use Portable machine to find the danger of pathology by measurement for the bone mineral density of your heel. This, Bone mineral density may be a powerful predictor of skeletal strength especially once thought of together with alternative factors like gender, age, and case history.

Once you receive associate pathology screening, you’ll place your foot in a painless device referred to as a bone densitometer and therefore the bone mineral density of your heel is measured.

The objective of a bone density scan is to spot your risk for bone loss and thus your risk for future bone fracture.

The risk screening finds you’re at mild/moderate or high risk, your measurement of the density could advocate dietary and lifestyle changes, according to that you can schedule a BMD to take a look at, or perhaps bring down a drug medical care to extend your bone density.

Why? Because it is useful to balance the clinical and economic utility of the modality as reimbursements still hover within the basement. Not the personal use only but for those wanting to serve patients by adding or upgrading a current bone density system, leasing is a possibility that may facilitate strike the aforesaid balance.

Benefits of the portable density machine on rent overbuy

In the market, there are many portable density machine providers in India, and you can buy the machine but, if you are thinking to travel and want this machine for some period of time then why you have to buy?

For example,

Buying rate of the Bone Mineral Density Machine,

Approx Price: Rs 4.5 Lakh/-

BMD Machine Rental Service,

Approx Price: Rs 5000 /Day

Minimum Order Quantity: one Day

The average monthly lease rates made including with the bone density system, delivery, installation, activity, and full components and labor service coverage through the whole lease term.- 4k to 5k in India.

It is eligible for tax savings below the Section 179 deduction. So, if you are going to rent it then it is worth to induce a thought of the savings.


If you are a patient or doctor who wants the BMD machine on rent for their patients’ measurement of the bone density then just paid the rental amount and get, the purchase of the machine is not your sole option!!! Once you are able to begin exploring the machine you can do this in a future seamless way and there are many medical machine provider can help you for assisting that.

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