Mussoorie hill station, hill station near delhi

Mussoorie! Best Hill Station Near Delhi

Mussoorie! The Best Hill Station Near Delhi

For all those Delhiites who are looking for a perfect spot to spend their holidays, Mussoorie is considered as the easiest and time-consuming option as it is a beautiful hill station where one can easily spend weekends. Mussoorie is also considered as the queen of hills. 

But certainly, with the effect of heavy pollution along with commercial purposes, Mussoorie is considered a place that is unknowingly losing its charm and lustre. Irrespective of all this Mussoorie is still a place that is providing people with a source of entertainment as well as also allows you to plan your weekend in an easy manner.

The speciality of Mussoorie lies in the purest of its air along with splendid mountains reaching you with their beauty and the natural surroundings. The distance of Mussoorie from Delhi is approximately 269 km.

 A number of places that form a part of Hindu culture namely Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Rishikesh, etc lies in the nearness to the place.

Places To See In Mussoorie

1. Kempty Falls

Kempty fall Mussoorie, hill station near delhi

Kempty Falls Just at an hour distance from Mussoorie lays a majestic spot named as kempty falls that fall on Yamunotri route. With an altitude of 4500 ft above sea level, it is a very beautiful and serene waterfall that is covered with mountains on all sides. 

Nowadays, tourists prefer to take bath beneath the foothills in order to refresh themselves and also make it a picnic spot indeed. The exact time to visit this beautiful tourist spot is from May to June.

2. Gun Hill

Gun Hill Mussoorie is the second highest peak is the gun hill. It provides tourists to enjoy ropeway rides from this place. The distance is approximately 400 meters. 

From the gun hill, you can have a sound picturesque image of a number of hills namely, Gangotri, Srikanth, Bunderpunch as well as Pithwara.

3. Jawalaji Temple

jwalaji temple mussoorie, hill station near delhi

Jwalaji Temple (Benompany bagh which is in real terms a collection of old scenic gardens is referred to as municipal gardens. It forms an important part of the happy valley area. The gardens seem to be underlaid by green lush and clean carpets of grass which are also accompanied by foung Hill) And Nag Devta Temple At the peak of being hill is situated jwalaji temple.

 The temple is based on goddess Durga and is covered on all sides by thick forests along with mountains. The temple of Nag Devta is an ancient temple that is built in dedication to Nag Devta. In the midst of Dehradun valley is the temple situated.

4. Camel Back Road

hill station near delhi Camels Back Road

Camel Back Road It is stretched completely with an area of 4 km and is naturally laid by mountains and rocks that are shaped like humps of a camel. The complete stretch is from a library point to that of Kurli bazaar. The place is also well suited in every aspect for morning and evening walks that provides you a perfect view of the snow-covered mountains and glaciers.

5. Cloud End

Cloud’s End The place is considered to be Mussoorie’s end and is situated at a distance of 6 km from that of library point. It is covered by a thick bunch of jungles on all sides. Just 2 km ahead of it, you can venture the benong wildlife sanctuary.

How To Reach Mussorrie

By Air Airport that is nearest is jolly grant which is established in Dehradoon which is 58 km away from Mussoorie.

By Rail, The nearest railways station is the Dehradoon railway station and the best train available is Dehradoon Shatabdi.

By Road, The buses are also available from the Kashmere gate which will provide you with an overnight journey. Volvo and deluxe buses are also available.

Hotels In Mussoorie

Mussoorie comprises within a number of exotic resorts and hotels that are easy modes of accommodation for you and ranges in every form starting from star hotels to that of budgetary resorts.

Some Of The Well Known Resorts Are

1. Avalon Resort

2. Surbee Resorts

3. Jaypee Residency Manor

4. Oasis Resort

5. Green Castle

6. Country Inn

7. Honeymoon Inn

So here was our brief article on Mussoorie ” The Queen Of Hills”. Hope you liked the content and you can share your experience in comment section. Thank You For Reading.

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