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How To Get taller within a week! Best Ways to grow taller!

How To Get taller within a week! Best Ways to grow taller!

Are you a short guy looking for tips on how to get taller? Do you feel uncomfortable when hanging out with your friends taller than you? If you are unhappy because for your short height then you are in the right place. Guys today we are going to tell you the best ways on how to get taller within a week and can groom your personality.

Now before we get started we wanna tell you that our heigh depends 60-80% on our genes so we cannot do much about it but we can surely do something about that 20-40% and can get taller at least by 3-4 inches. So now lets get started.

Tips On How To Get Grow Taller

1. High-Intensity Exercise

how to get taller within a week,swimming, high-intensity exercises

When it comes to height increasing factors,  exercise is definitely one of them. High-intensity exercises help in releasing growth hormones and increasing your height.

 Out of all the different kinds of them, two exercises that I would definitely recommend are sprinting and swimming.

 Both of them are the excellent workouts, which accomplishes two major things: firstly, it will stretch your spinal cord and secondly, it will release hormones, which will eventually increase your bone size. Exercises are the best answer of How to get taller!

2.Stretching Exercises

To increase your height within a few week’s time, you need to stretch! It may sound repetitive but believe it or not it works. There are so many stretching exercises to do. Let me suggest two of the best that you should definitely try to gain some inches:

Sky Stretch

how to get taller, sky stretches

  • Sky Stretch:  This one is a simple stretch and is really effective at the same time. All you have to do is to Stand with your feet together and reach up for the sky as high as you can. Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat 2-3 more times.

Leg Stretch

how to get taller, how to get taller within a week, leg stretch,
  • Leg Stretch:  All you have to do is to place both your legs in front of you. Now try to reach out and touch your toes without bending or hunching. You should be feeling a stretch in your body. Hold for 10 seconds. Relax. Repeat 5 times.
    Do these exercises 3 times a day in order to see results.

3.Eat Healthy & Protein Rich Food

how to get taller, how to get taller within a week,eat healthy food

Nutrition also plays a major role in increasing your height. It doesn’t only promotes good hair and skin, but also helps in increasing your height. Make sure you eat the right amount of protein, calcium and vitamins on regular basis.

 Eat eggs, chicken, fish etc. You can also take multi vitamin if you are not getting the right amount of vitamins. Following are the recommended vitamins that can boost your height and can help in getting taller:

  1. Calcium
  2. Vitamin D
  3. Vitamin B1
  4. Zinc
  5. Phosphorus

4.Sleep Well & On Right Time

sleep well, how to get taller within a week, how to get taller

A good sleep plays a vital role in increasing height because of it the night when our body releases hormones. Try to sleep before 10 P.M and try to get sleep of at least 7-8 hours. Sleeping the right way can also stretch out your body naturally.

Keep your legs as far as you can in front of you and place your arms by your side while sleeping. Try and sleep in this position every day. It always works. Try not to use a pillow, since they spoil your posture while sleeping.

It might be difficult initially since you are used to sleeping with the comfort of your pillows, but try to avoid if you want to get taller.


These are some of the most basic yet effective ways on how to get taller within a week. If you follow all the guidelines, you are definitely going to see results. You may not be tall like all those NBA players or WWE wrestlers, but remember one thing, “it is our character which defines us not our height!”

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  1. Thank you so much! I was looking for some good tips on how to get taller within a week, and let see! Thank you in advance!

  2. I was really searching for how to get taller cause i’m not that tall, I’ve tried other ways, and hasn’t seen any changes, was thinking same with this. But after following these tips, i gained 2 inches within a week. Really gonna share this with my friends. Best article on how to get taller within a week. Thnak you so much!

  3. Hi guys! Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I really enjoyed reading your tips to get taller! Great perspective. Have an awesome day!

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