About Me

HELLO BEAUTIFUL WORLD! Welcome to lifedivine.co.in . I am PRABHAKAR SEMWAL  from INDIA.  I am a digital marketer and a commerce student. Writing articles has always been my passion so i decided to start my own blogging website. 

Apart from writing  I am a tech lover who like travelling, hanging out with friends etc. On my website you would find articles about  FITNESS, TECH, TRAVEL, FASHION, DIGITAL MARKETING AND MANY MORE TOPICS.

If my blogs could help you then I would be quite delighted cause i love helping people. I also invite our readers to write for us if writing is your hobby or passion you can join us.

 Just email me your content and i would love to publish it and you will be given credit for sure. LETS MAKE A COMMUNITY AND MAKE THIS WORLD HEAVEN 🙂